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Cling-Seal Manufacturing co.Ltd. is a factory of manufacturing & export various gasket material and exhaust gasket in China. We have been sold our products for 12 years in China market, and 9 years in global market. We have more than 12 years experience in producing deferrent reinforced seal gasket paper.

Ours main products are non-asbestos reinforced sheet, graphite reinforced sheet, double steel non asbestos (graphite) composite sheet, high quality reinforced perforated metal cylinder head gasket materials, flexible graphite gasket materials, compressed sheet jointing gasket materials, gasket filler materials etc. It is easy to cut gaskets at very cheap prices for a wide range of industries. Inserted metal could be tinplate or stainless steel.     Thickness of tinplate is 0.18mm to 0.25mm. Thickness of stainless steel is 0.10mm (SS304,SS316),0.15mm (SS201).


Formed of our product is as fellow, non asbestos & tinplate & non asbestos, graphite & tinplate & graphite, tinplate & non asbestos (graphite sheet) & tinplate. We still could produce large size reinforced graphite with SS304/SS316L for flange seal gasket. The size could be 1000x1000mm,1000x1500mm,1500x1500mm etc.

All of our products are extensively applied in petroleum, chemical industry, electrical power, metallurgy, automobiles, motorcycle, ship building, food, paper, mining, steel and pharmacy etc. which help user to solve the leak problem, now our products have been sold to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, South America, Middle-East and Africa etc. many countries and regions.



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Cling-Seal Manufactory Co.,Ltd Stationed in AnQing LiuJi Industrial Park


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